Folger’s French Roast Espresso

I pulled out the Espresso machine this week.  I have limited counter space so I put it back in storage.  It’s been a few months since I’ve used it.  All I have in the fridge is a can of Folgers.  So, how’s this going to work.  Monday I put Folgers in the Espresso maker and it was so so.  I went all out – steamed milk,  steamed creamer etc.  It just didn’t do anything for me.  Now, granted, the Folgers is French Roast, which is one of the darker roasts, but even then it just didn’t do the job.  It’s now Thursday.  This weeks been a long week and I really miss a good cup of Espresso.  I pulled out my coffee grinder and put in a couple scoops of Folger’s french roast – turned that bad boy on and watched the magic happen.  Once the grinds were back in the Espresso maker, the milk was ready and I was ready!  In goes the water, on goes the switch and out comes oil!  Eureka!! I’ve struck it rich.  MUD!!

I turned on the steamer and whipped up a nice head of foam.  I layed it  down on the mud like a crisp light show on the bare winter earth.  A few swirls to add a curbside snow effect and viola!  The savory aroma mixed with the strong flavors of the home brew just about blew me over the table! Dreamy tastiness.  I know God made snow and he created the earth on the second day, but this morning, I’m glad he allowed me to create another Splash Of Mud!!

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